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Born and raised in rural Kenya, Sophie has a burning desire to bridge opportunities for people living in rural Africa.

This is a diverse community locked out of numerous opportunities due to their geographical positioning.

Sophie is lucky to have been able to attend some of the great schools where her curiosity was bred and she gained exposure to life beyond the village. She used the exposure she acquired to venture away from her Runganga village where she grew up.

While village life seemed hard, Sophie looks back with a lot of excitement and desire to work with rural communities to begin to take advantage of the numerous resources and hidden treasures in the villages.  Her desire is to work with the people to use these treasures to create lasting and sustainable programs that result in economic empowerment.

In America where Sophie now lives, there is unending curiosity on Africa and African products. There is a growing demand from consumers to buy and trade with Africa.

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation on the REAL AFRICA situation as media has created the unfortunate image that Africa and her people are poor and must depend on foreign aid for survival.

Africa Bridges is changing this narrative as we showcase to the world the beautiful African

pieces, rich culture and a continent with numerous trade opportunities.

This is the driving force behind Africa Bridges and the online trading space Malimoto where we hope to give producers an opportunity to market their products and services from their village or town.

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