About Us


Africa Bridges Finance (ABL) is a social enterprise that links producers and other African entrepreneurs with access to international markets.

We bring together producers, traders, and consumers so as to facilitate better access to international markets.



Africa Bridges participates in various local and international events to showcase African products. We work with various development partners as well as makers of various products and farmers to ensure that the Small & Micro Enterprises (SMEs) participate in trade opportunities where they can sell their products. In addition to promoting the products abroad, Africa Bridges facilitates the export logistics on ground mainly via Kenya and also works as agents in USA for various brands/groups.

Most of the producers/creatives are small scale, it is therefore paramount that producers seeking to export join an apex organization. Africa Bridges supports various cooperatives and links them to various opportunities and markets.

To facilitate support to SMEs, Africa Bridges works with several development partners as well as Government agencies.

ABL also provides technical assistance and product development services to groups and this helps them to understand market trends and produce commodities and products taking into consideration the end user.

Our products and services (include but not limited to)

  • Agricultural Produce (Coffee, Tea, Nuts, fruit snacks etc)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Apparel
  • Home furnishings and Décor
  • Clothing (dresses, shirts, pants etc)
  • Accessories, including hats, bags, jewelry
  • Leather products including Shoes (Sandals), bags etc
  • Tourism/Safari packages
  • Kenya Cuisine
  • Cultural exposure/Dancers/Drummers/Poets etc
  • Services including Hair Salons, Sports, Fashion Designers, etc
  • Tourism and safaris to Kenya
  • Professional Services including head hunters, consulting
  • Any Import Export
  • Any other African opportunities