Our Goals

Our goal is to Promote & market African made products globally as a tool for social & economic empowerment.

Development objective:

To promote manufacturing of exportable commodities/merchandise produced by African small scale producers and match the same with international markets.

We target vulnerable communities including Women, Youth and Persons with disabilities.

Tourism promotion:

Tourism is a great foreign exchange earner for majority African Countries, we therefore hope to share African image in a positive manner and offer Brands of Africa site guests information that encourages them to make Africa a preferred cultural tourism destination.

Cultural awareness:

Africa made products display the diverse cultures and for the most part are inspired by the different cultures. They tell the story of the community of origin.

Brands of Africa aims at virtually displaying various ethnic themes, with specific emphasis on the uniqueness of the different cultures such as that of the Kamba community known for great skills in wood carving, basketry, beadwork and long distance trade, the Masai, Samburu etc.

Trade: Worldwide exposure of African Products thereby establishing a market platform for our products and engaging on methods of value adding our products to attract more customers thereby helping possibilities of earning foreign exchange and growing jobs and trade with Africa.