Company Bio


Africa Bridges Is a Company started under the aegis of the Fair Trade Organization of Kenya for the purpose of facilitating trade between Kenya producers and international markets. The company directors reside primarily in USA but have both Kenya and USA citizenship. This creates a great opportunity for engagement with Kenya diaspora.

Africa Bridges directors have been involved in promotion of Kenya products abroad for close to 20 years. They have also been active in Capacity building initiatives in Kenya with farmers and SMES in a bid to create products for the wide international market.

Africa Bridges plays the role of Project Manager on the USA side working closely with public and private agencies. The role of Africa Bridges is products promotion, products sourcing and shipping logistics to ensure customers receive their goods.

We support product development to ensure that products have an international market appeal.

Africa Bridges works with Kenya National Trading Corporation for warehousing. The warehouse program gives buyers confidence on availability of product. They are also able to inspect the quality and request adjustments.